Testmine Limited

TestMine Limited has good experience developing Client-Server, Web Based applications & Bespoke custom applications.

Most often, a website is the first point of contact of a business. In other words, website of a business is a company's face to the outer world. Having said that, TestMine has a talented team of developers working on varied technologies, starting from open source tools like PHP, MySQL to commercial web development systems like ASP.Net, JSP etc.

Using Web technologies, we develop web portals, web based applications & design web sites for companies. We also develop Client-Server applications in VB, Developer 2000, PowerBuilder etc. We undertake Bespoke application development (custom built applications) depending on the client needs.

We cater to the growing market of Mobile Applications Development - both on the iPhone & Android market.
We develop 'Entertainment' and 'Games' Apps which are available in iPhone App Store and Android Market

At TestMine, we assure to provide the best service at the most affordable rates. Try us out - feel the difference.

We welcome your questions and queries. Please see our Contact Us page for complete contact information.